Fashion armed with absolute confidence made for women to tackle the world effortlessly.
Ineffable and a step out of the ordinary, EZGI CINAR is an armoury of garments that act as a painkiller for the eyes and an awakening for the soul. Fashioned for women who ultimately know their confidence is their best weapon —those who never live vicariously through others and wholly command the spaces in which they inhabit.
Designed with impeccable detail, creating effortless visions of style with an uncanny sensuality. Here we bridge the gap between high fashion and street style to create inspired collections that never speak for but speak to contemporary women. Exceedingly thoughtful and a rejection of the hollow ideas found on the high street, in each item of clothing lives the vitality of its maker and wearer.
Naturally, Ezgi Cinar is the beating heart of EZGI CINAR. A Swiss designer with Turkish roots, her creations reflect her ever-growing worldview. Poured directly from her spirit and 4 am musings. She is fueled by her decisive nature, building herself up from nowhere to know my name with nothing but wits and grit. Now dressing cultural icons like Kristen Stewart, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Kourtney Kardashian and countless more. Despite being a self-proclaimed realist, she flirts with the edges of the unimaginable. Forever daring but never losing sight of the sensuality and beguiling nature of women.
EZGI CINAR is eternally dedicated to those who refuse to follow the rules. It starts with fashion but culminates with the woman in our circle, whose journeys collide and coincide —a haven for modern women who are strong, bold and fierce in their own way. 

Step into our world.