My Name Is Ezgi Cinar and I`m an ArcheType

"I am Ezgi Cinar, 50% creative, 30% tastemaker, and 20% intellectual. The Archetypes Collection plunges into the depths of my subconscious, revealing my most fervent desires and instinctual patterns of being."

We are tethered to our most basic desire—We walk the earth as an archetype, moving with instinct and a deep-rooted thirst. In the grand theater of life, 12 character archetypes take the stage, each with a heart pulsing to its own unique rhythm and reason, for every person there is 1 that calls to them. Drawing from these human desires, every piece in this collection is a manifestation of these innate forces, celebrating power, mastery, intimacy, freedom, and beyond.

With the Magician as a leading motif, the definitive archetype of Ezgi herself, the collection challenges reality's constraints, leading the wearers on a transformative journey where only imagination is the limit. The fabric of its creator's mind becomes the fabric of fashion.