Do we not all know this moment in our life where we just urge to wear black? Black over and over again – and nothing else! I had this moment for nothing less but 2 years. This was also the phase where I became conscious that I am in the process of a metamorphosis. Time has passed since my first metamorphosis but what has remained is the desire for continuous change and the striving for the exciting, the unknown and the wish to redefine settings from time to time and newly develop characters in its own persona.
Today I live my metamorphosis most consciously whenever I realize, I am no longer pleased with what I am doing or I feel I no longer represent the person I want to be and thus I am striving for a new version of myself. Until today I decide for black during these times – black heart. What is often being misunderstood is the movement behind the actual metaphor which does not stand for the dark and the dangerous, in fact it stands for the opposite! Black is the purest color to me. A color in which I can withdraw and recharge, devote completely to myself without any distractions and simply feel protected while simultaneously preparing for what is yet to come. Just like a butterfly in his cocoon ready to break out in order to shine in full magnificence to a new and more beautiful version of itself.
This collection is dedicated to all the women who never stand still, to the women who embrace change and to those women who do not let to be told who they are supposed to be but are who they want to be. This collection is for the brave women who do not shy away from inconveniences as they know after their metamorphosis they will spread their wings with grace and fly away in a “new life” that they developed and decided to be in.
Ezgi Cinar.
Photographer & Art Direction: Harun Dogan (Shark) & Ezgi Cinar
Queen: Hilal Ata
Video: Christian Breitschmid for billionwords
Styling: Charlotte Fischli
Concept & Website: