Creative Director Ezgi Cinar travels back to the desks of her schooldays – amidst the grey and monotonous lessons, day in, day out, her mind wanders. Her imagination lights up during art and history classes, sparked by Ancient Greek mythology. The legends of those gods reigning atop Mount Olympus, each with their own powers and characters, fascinate her. She imagines them down to the smallest possible details and, of course, wonders what they would do with their boundless powers.
For Ezgi Cinar, every woman– like the Ancient Greek gods – has her very own individual characteristics and powers, making her unique – no matter where she comes from, what her origins are, what she does or what she looks like. The Fall/Winter collection is dedicated to all women who believe in their inner goddess and who have fun playing with their own personality and using their powers.
Silk velvet, guipure lace and 3D lace are embroidered by hand, making truly magnificent and desirable pieces of wearable art. There is a look for every goddess – the seductive Aphrodite, the victorious Nike, the hunter Artemis… Let your imagination loose!
Photographer: Karine & Oliver
Queen: Luisa Laemmel
Hair & Make-Up: Joshua Leuthold
Video: Harun (Shark) Doganl
Concept & Website: dwk.ch