The feeling of losing your roots and having to adapt to a new realm is more than familiar to Creative Director Ezgi Cinar as she was born in Turkey, raised in North Africa and moved to Switzerland when she was 9 years old. Diving into a new culture where other languages are being spoken, where traditions are diverse and where you have a different appearance than others, this is where you learn how to adapt whilst not losing your identity. Ultimately you become a legal alien.
The perks of being raised as a cosmopolitan is what is shaping Ezgi Cinar until today: Adventurousness and restlessness are driving her and she can well imagine packing her suitcase and settling in another foreign country again – like a rolling stone. When you ask Ezgi where she is from, her answer always is: “I am a child of the earth”.
These circumstances influenced and inspired her for the SS18 I AM A LEGAL ALIEN collection. She chose the materials with much care, reflecting her multicultural background with traditional scarf materials from Russia, typically oriental ornaments embroidered on tulle, magnificent flower fields carefully worked into lace – all from wearable art pieces.
This collection is for the woman who has no fear of letting go of her roots – a gipsy at heart who knows no limits. She is a nomad ready to adapt and to reinvent herself, always remaining true to her soul. SS18 I AM A LEGAL ALIEN is an homage to fearless, unlimited women, carried by their very own beauty, ready to embrace and conquer the infinite facets and cultures of this world.
Photographer: Karine & Oliver
Queen: Valerija Sestic
Hair & Make-Up: Joshua Leuthold
Video: Christian Breitschmid
Set Design: Harun (Shark) Dogan
Concept & Website: dwk.ch